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Unpleasant odors appear in a home or business environment for any number of reasons. Persistent, lingering smells often require professional help to eliminate.

Most of our customers face severe health risks associated with persistent and lingering cigarette smoke smells, pet odors, decomposition, and infestation.

We make Arizona indoor environments healthier by working with real estate professionals and homeowners to completely eliminate all indoor odors.

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September 30, 2022

Welcome to my website. I have the pleasure of serving Phoenix metropolitan homeowners and business owners with all persistent and lingering indoor odor problems. I am excited to add the Minneapolis, MN office in April 2022. I've been in the home services industry my entire career and one aspect that has, in my opinion, lacked representation is odor elimination.

Many service providers claim they can eliminate odors such as cigarette and pet odors but they lack the fundamentals, and the science, behind eliminating these difficult problems. I've spent many years researching and studying the products and techniques required to actually eliminate these and other problem odors.

I invite you to call me and share what problem odors you're dealing with. Simply call me direct at 1-833-OdorGuy (1-833-636-7489) and we can discuss the custom strategy for your odor elimination.


Gregory Johnson
Odor Elimination Specialist &
Trauma and Crime Scene Technician
Call 1-833-OdorGuy
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It'll be the best call you made all day.


"Working with Greg Johnson has been a pleasure. We had a serious problem with odors from a decomposing body found by the police. Although I am in charge of the property, I am in another State. A neighbor also communicated with Greg on everything. But, my dealings with Greg went smoothly, he was very prompt in doing the necessary work, and coming back for another day when it was obvious that he could not complete everything in the original time frame, and at no extra charge. I highly recommend Greg and his business."
Larry H.
Colorado Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use an ozonator or ozone machine?

Occasionally. But ozone alone will never be enough to eliminate persistent odors caused by a buildup of chemical residue. Scientific studies show that ozone and other machines are not effective enough at penetrating surfaces. After years of residue build up, hand treatments using formulas designed with the right chemistry and biology in mind are essential. According to epa.gov and other trusted sources, odors will return unless nearly all traces of chemical residue have been removed. Only in the final stage, after the buildup of chemical residue has been removed first, can ozone be used with more reliable success to help eliminate odors.

How long does elimination take?

Most odor elimination projects are completed within 2-3 days. Occasionally more time is needed.

Does the home have to be empty?

An empty home that has been cleaned to some extent, is best. It is not essential to be completely empty. Certainly items in the home that are contributing to the odors need to be eliminated for obvious reasons.

Do you bomb the place?

I do not use a chemical bomb type of system. Some of the chemical reaction formulas I have seen require a Hazmat suit which shows lasting health threats to the home. They have not been shown to be effective enough. I found better and healthier systems. Some of these systems are my own creations discovered over time and were successful. These are specific to the odor problem existing.

Should I paint the place first?

Never paint until after the odors are gone. There is no paint that can eliminate or encapsulate any odor. The smell comes through the paint like water through a screen. Then the odor source, which is under the new paint, is harder to get at to eliminate the smell.

Does the carpet need to be removed?

It is always best to remove carpet when dealing with persistent and lingering odors. This is not the answer most people want to hear, particularly if the carpet still looks good.

Consider the characteristics of carpeted flooring; it is made up of the carpet, the carpet pad and the subfloor area beneath it. Three layers of flooring where the source of the odor is likely present. Without removing the carpet and pad some odor will remain.

From experience, every time a property owner insists on keeping existing carpeting, the odors have not completely been eliminated. It is not until after the carpet and pad were discarded that the odor is no longer detectable.

Gregory Johnson is an experienced odor elimination specialist and a certified Trauma and Crime Scene Technician in Arizona. He has spent his entire working career in home improvement services and has a complete understanding of the complexities surrounding persistent and lingering odors in homes and businesses.

When not working, Gregory can be found on the golf course during the day and attending classical music concerts in the evening.

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